July 11-12 10am-4pm is the Peninsula Studio Tour



Many people have migrated to the Northern Bruce Peninsula for many reasons. For some its a relaxing retirement environment for others its a perfect cottaging spot, but for many residents that call the peninsula home year – round this place is a little more. “The Bruce Peninsula inspires my creativity… I often thrive off the natural energy in some of my favourite spots and it has sparked and inspired an artist in me that I never even knew was there” – Martha



2013 Aug 2-5 Lions Head pic2

This weekend artists all over the Northern Bruce Peninsula will open their doors to the public and invite people to come browse their talents and showcase their art. Maps are available at the Ferndale Information Centre or in any of our cottages. For those driving in the area keep a look out for those “Studio Tour” signs and don’t be afraid to pop in and take a look around. The summer studio tour runs July 11-12 from 10Am – 4Pm




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