Property Management Services

Looking for help in maintaining any or all aspects of your cottage or summer property? Bruce Peninsula Cottage Rentals is here to help.

Send us an email or call 647-885-6998 to speak to us directly.

2020 service rates for cottages are listed below. Services are available to all clients.

Interior/ exterior painting  $35/hr+
Interior cleaning $35/hr+
Carpentry Services $50/hr+
Handyman Fix-Its $45/hr, min 3 hrs+
Immediate Site Check In (photos) $50 drive by
Property check up (scheduled) $75/visit (scheduled)
Lawn Care $50/ .25acre
Septic Inspection $50
Septic Pump Out Summer $250.00 Winter $450.00
Septic Filter Installation, Inspection and Cleaning Per person basis
Septic Inspection Reports for Home or Cottage Per person basis
Summer Property Check up $30-$50+
Snow Removal $50 driveway base rate
Raking Small $40- $60+
Ease Trough and Gutter Clean Out $40 – $60+
Plumbing – frozen pipes, leaking pipes, clogged drain, diagnosis and inspection, water line repairs, water heater repair and replacements, water line repairs, system maintenance, emergency services $100 for 1st hr and $75/hour after
Appliance & Small Engine Repair $40/hr + parts depending on item
Cottage opening and/or closing:

raking, outdoor furniture placed out/in, turn on/off water, turn hydro on/off, cleaning, sweeping, house inspection (screen, posts etc) water line and filter inspection, leak inspection, replace batteries in smoke detectors, board up windows if needed, clean and dis/reconnect BBQ, grass cut (optional), clean out fireplace/woodstove/firepit

*each cottage client can pick and choose services depending on needs

Wood Ordering, Delivery and Stacking (3 cord min) $150/cord, delivered and stacked
Interior Decoration/Staging Quoted by room, done on budget basis
Junk Removal (incl metal) Quoted on per person basis
Pool/Hot Tub maintenance or cleaning                            

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