Activities in Bruce Peninsula

Astronomy – Join us on a trip to the stars! Book a Private Astronomy Tour, and get a personalized tour of the summer constellations ad their mythological stories. View the craters on the Moon and see where Apollo landed! Marvel at the Rings of Saturn or join us in August for the Persieds Meteor Shower. Min 6 guests. Weather depending.

Hiking Tours – Interested in learning more about the Bruce but don’t feel comfortable exploring on your own? Join us on one of 5 guided hikes. Half day or full day available. Lunch provided on full day. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Hikes available. Pick your destination:

  1. Devil’s Monument – See the Bruce Peninsula’s only inland FlowerPot, in-ground water fall, and explore the Bruce Trail and magnificent shoreline of this generally isolated area. Great for an afternoon picnic!

2. Lions Head Lookout – See the Lions Head, the turquoise water and the Bruce Peninsula Escarpment from hundreds of feet in the air on top of the cliffs. Maybe even spot a rock climber. Then, look a back and marvel at the Marina and lighthouse below

3. Singing Sands – Take a forest tour and marvel in the biodiversity and landscapes changes in this unique environment. From a sand dune environment to a wetland, to a forest to a beach ecosystem, this hike has a little bit of everything. Lots of wildflowers are visible on this hike.

4. The Grotto – Meaning hole in rock is popular destination on the Bruce Peninsula. On this hike expect to explore the inner wonders of this marvellous cave. Not for the faint of heart. Bring your swim gear – this is a great place to swim and cross off your bucket list.

5. Spirit Rock – As legend has it this destination was home to a First Nation princess, who fell in love with an enemy of her families clan and who’s spirit still dwells within the rocks. With lovely lookouts and a rich history this hike will take you to the ancient cedars of the Bruce Peninsula overlooking Georgian Bay.

Canoe/Kayak Adventure – coming soon. Inquire within.

Lighthouse Tour – Looking for something to do in the rain? Join us on this driving tour and get up close and personal with 3 lighthouses on the Bruce Peninsula. Learn their stories, histories and extreme weather events that make these lighthouse so rich and beautiful. Maybe even see a sunken shipwreck.

Bird Banding Tour – N/A 2021

For more Information on these or other activities inquire at: 

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