Welcome to Lions Head

Lions Head Lighthouse
Lions Head Lighthouse

Thank you for your inquiry! Lions Head’s is one of Ontario’s best kept secret. Filled with something for everyone Lions Head in Lions Head you can:

Rock Climb the Cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment

Take in Nature and Wildlife while Hiking the Bruce Trail

Relax, Play and Swim on our Sand Beach

Skip Rocks, Swim and take in the Scenery at one of our Rock Beaches

Adventure to the Garden Tour and Enjoy Rare Flora and Fauna

Participate in Bayside Astronomy and See the Rings of Saturn

Stroll the Farmers Market filled with Local Handmade Products and Fresh Food

Visit the Cabot Head Bird Observatory

Participate in our Seasonal Events and Festivities

Canoe or Kayak Georgian Bay

Explore our Historical Lighthouse

and Much Much More!!!

All of these activities are within walking distance of  Trillium Heights and Hillside Cottage (all activities are seasonal)



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